Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Creative day

Today I was quite busy..and creative! I did manage to get some nice flowers on the market and started to make our balcony nice again. The weather has been quite nice yesterday and today and soon we will spent much more time outside again. The trees are still bare, but if you look close, you can see the first green leves coming out.

But I have not only been busy outside...;-) I was working on a new cane today. I made some beads and some other small things in the color range white-yellow-light orange. I am very pleased, that I finally did this work, because most of the beads I made are for a piece of jewelry, that I had promised to make a long time ago!!! In fact it should have been finishe a long time ago already! But now I have done quite a good bit to get this ufo ( unfinished object) off my desk!! So I am quite pleased with myself.

I also was very busy today, because my hubby is gone on a day trip for work to London ( I wish I had these kind of trips...especially to London!!) and so I had to get up much earlier to get the kids ready for school and everything what normaly gets shared at least in parts.


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