Tuesday, April 25, 2006

creating without fear - week #2

...okay, here we go! this is what I did for this weeks exercise. I am not sure if I like it....but I definitly will have to sleep one night to be able to answer the question to it...LOL...to find out what this is all about, please, go to kellys blog here:

Okay here are my answers to the questions of week#2:
-Did the exercise seem worthwile?
To me it did feel a bit strange to have such specific rules of what to do. It felt more like cooking ( but then again cooking is creative, too). I was not sure if it would be worthwile at all.

-Did you gather your supplies together before beginning the exercise?
Yes, I did, i always do ....IF i know what I am going to do, but that is not always the case...;-)

-Were you able to move through the steps effordlessly?
Yes, but as i said, it did not feel like doing art...more like cooking. I am not used to work like that, normaly I do work much more intuitivly.

-What was your first reaction to your complete exercise?
It looked much too simple to be complete. And I was wondering if this is a good way to use the chosen colours. But I also was happy that I did do it and finish it, did make the time to work on this exercise.

-Overall, how did you feel about the process?
It felt more like I was playing a game, you know all those quize games? You just do them, so you know the result and can have a laugh about it. the execise did feel a bit like that, not like making art at all...! To easy to efordless...and I am still not sure if I like what I did.


Blogger TopCat76 said...

It is funny - every page I've looked at for this challenge is completely different, yet we've all followed the same set of instructions.
I love yours - great background stamp!

Trace x

6:00 pm CEST  
Blogger Unknown said...

thank you Trace...;-) The background stamp actually is one of my own stamp designs....I thought its nice to use my own here!

6:08 pm CEST  
Blogger kelly a said...

anke...so glad to have you along! how cool that the background stamp is your own design...such a great place to use it!

1:15 am CEST  

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