Monday, August 15, 2005

I got a new sewing mashine!!

my old one is 40 years old!!! and can do little more than staight I thought its time to get a new one. And I found a quite resonalble Itreated myself with this beauty. And I cant wait to try it out!!


Blogger maria said...

oh, that's so great! I got a new sewing machine in May (my first, I hade been borrowing one old one before) and it's so good to have a completely new and reliable machine. do you have any plans of what to sew in the closest future?

6:05 pm CEST  
Blogger Unknown said...

...well I have grown very fond of bags lately....and I also want to do some more patchwork.Maybe some patchwork bags...;-) And I sure have to make some new things for the kids for school and for our flat!! And I wanted to make some little things for my shop.and...and...and...;-)
Ohh I am not short of ideas, just of time!

8:57 pm CEST  
Blogger maria said...

just like me! *lol*

12:16 pm CEST  

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