Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 days: day #9 and #10 day #9 and #10 for the "30 days to get your art on" challenge. This time I did some art journaling. I had to skip day # 8, just in case you where wondering! Have a beautiful Sunday!
 ..Tag #9 und #10 für mein "30 days to get your art on" Projekt. Tag #8 hab ich ausgelassen, nur falls sich jemand wundern sollte...,-)) Habt einen schönen Sonntag!

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Anke, I am doing the Tracy Bunkers challenge too. Nice to meet you! I really like the pages you have posted! The red flower pattern, is that painted on or a stamp? I like that alog? yo uhave it two times on each page.

7:52 pm CEST  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi we three 3...;-)) Nice to meet you! That is a stamp, that I carved! I love it a lot, too. Thats why I used it so much on this page...;-))

7:40 am CEST  

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