Monday, November 13, 2006

Finished U.F.O.s....;-)

This weekend I was not feeling very well, but I still managed to get some U.F.O.s ( for unfinished objects) finished:

...first of all my son Gryffindor scarf!!! It has been lying around since his birthday in April!! But now it is getting cold again and it was hight time to get it done!! It does not look as long as it really is, I made it very wide, but it is over 1,60 m!!!:

This one is not really as UFO, but I needed these new canes do finish some UFOs. The weaving cane is for a little match box amulett I have started, I do not even remember when. And so is the little flower cane. It will be an Asian inspired amulett necklace, when I have done the rest , too!! And I also wanted to have my own initial in a cane for a very long they are finally!!!

...the last ( but not least) project is another polymer clay book cover. The book is a present for my mother in law. She is a writer and so a new note book is allways welcome...;-) I hope she likes this one. Next weekend we will go to her big party!!


Blogger TopCat76 said...

I love the book cover, it's absolutely gorgeous, I'm sure your mother in law will adore it (If she doesn't I will!!! ;0)
Trace x

5:07 pm CET  

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