Thursday, October 26, 2006

W.I.P.: my live...;-)

...sometimes I think my whole live is a w.i.p......;-) I had so many things going on lately, that I decided it would be best, to try and get some more order in my live. I promised myself to only finish projects, that I have already started, before taking on new challenges. But of course, just when I decided that, there was something new popping out at me, that I just could not resist: Shimelles " you think you know me" online workshop! It´s a scrapbook about...well....ME...and you can see the cover in the picture. I am really enjoying this, but I will take my own speed at working in this book, I just have to!!

Well what else is happening? I have been working very hard to get my studio in order!I think, I have made some huges progress, but there is still a lot to do! I bought some new bags for my polymer clay stuff, to be transported to workshops. I orderd some new tools, I did not get but want for a long time (well that does not exactly reduce my stuff!), and bought some sorting boxes for my canes. This is something I am very happy about and I think this will make my work much easier!

I have finished knitting my sons Griffindor scarf, there is still the fringes to be done, but this is not so much left anymore.....and this was suposed to be a birthday present for him April!!! But since it is getting colder again now, it is the right time to finish it.

I am working on some new tools for knitting. On my last market I meet a friend and she loved my stich markers, but she said she would rather have row markers for her kitting. So we decided to develope some row markers together. She will be my test person, and then I will offer them to a local knitting shop. She said, she knows the people there and will help me to do that...;-)

Oh and I forgot: I decided I need a new web site. I am busy programing and hopefully I will come up with a new fresh web site soon...and this time I am going to make it bilingual: German AND English!

There is also a lot going on in my family right now: my daughter is having a lot of trouble learning to read and write. When she was with her grandparents last holidays, they told me afterwards, that her reading and writing remindes them a lot of my reading and writing at that age.....that propably doesnt make sence to you at all...but it did ring my alarm bells!!!! I am dyslexic and I had tons of problems at school because of that! And it completly freaked me out to think my daughter might have the same problems, too!!! I went to the Dyslexia Center here in Berlin and asked them to help me. Now I have a better picture of what I can do to help her, and I am not felling so panicy anymore, but still it is a scary thought for me. Especially thinking about having to teach something, I am not sure about myself!!!

My son is heading right into puberty right now. Yesterday I completlly freaked out trying to help him with his math homework. I felt very sorry for doing that afterwords, but he just made me feel so helpless: asking for help on one side, but then rebucking my offer to help him, when I did say how I would solve his math problems. On top he did ask me, when I was due to collect my daughter, very bad timing!!! And when I had spoke to him, he stayed on the phone with his friend for ages, right in the middle of his homework.......ahhhhhhgggggg!!!

Tonight I will go to his school. I got a appointment with two of his teachers, so we will see how they think, he is doing.

Yesterday I also had very bad news: my fathers wive told me, that the son of my cousin had a car accident and died. He was only 18 years and just got his divers livence. She id seperated from his father and lives alone with this son and his 5 year old brother. On the funeral my cousin had a complete break down. I have not seen her for a long time now. But it really toughed me to hear this, and I hope she wil be able to manage somehow. Sometimes live is so cruel!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - gorgeous cover! Ach - ja - ich könnte auch Deutsch sprechen! LOL!

11:23 am CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful cover
i love your stuff
especially the dolls
very cool!!

6:17 pm CET  

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