Wednesday, July 13, 2005

In the mail on Tuesday..;-)

...another happy mail day!!! Hurray!!

I finally have found a nice school bag for my daughter! She wanted to have one with horses on it, and I did not want to buy one that is outragously expensive ( like most are!) or with terrible multicolored designs....finally I found one on ebay that was perfect for everything we wanted...and yesterday it was delivered!!!

I also got the ATCs from the eye Swap on europeanATCs from Godelieve from the Netherlands and she sent some nice butterfly stickers with it!!! Thank you, G0delieve!!! And Dorothys Flat self journal arrived!!! I realized there is only one more to follow and then I will have my own journal back, because the Round Robin is finished then!!!! I am really curious about what it will look like!!! I read so many things about my journal, that its bount to be good!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Morgen,

coool blog! Its looking much better than the old one.
I just must say you are getting really exciting mail.

Mmh its a little bit silly is it to write you in english with both of us being german LOL


1:33 pm CEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

huhu morgen,
hier is ja richtig was los, fein *freu*
hab nachricht von nora, dass der verlag auf blöd macht :(, aber vielleicht kriegst dus doch noch anderweitig unter? ich halt dir jedenfalls die daumen! *umärmel*
kannst du mich bitte mal aufklären, was das mit der post auf sich hat? was schickt ihr euch da gegenseitig? ich kann das alles nicht so wirklich erkennen? am besten zweisprachig dt-engl. aufklären *ganzliebgugg* :)

10:59 am CEST  
Blogger maria said...

oh, that journal, is it in some kind of yahoo-group too? if then, which one? *curious*

11:11 am CEST  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Maria...yes its a yahoo group too: HMM- its a group of people that have read Gloria Pages HolyMolyMakeroly book, a book about how she workt her way up in the card making busines....and this is one journal of a extremly wonderful RR we are doing on this group...;-)

11:30 pm CEST  
Blogger maria said...

ok, thanks for telling me :-) i have not even heard of that book, but now i'll check it out.

6:07 pm CEST  

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