Monday, September 23, 2013

"trends in the european polymer clay scene" - the e-book

"trends in the european polymer clay scene" the e-book for iPad is out now! 
The book is written in ENGLISH! 122 pages and 23 videos, lots of pictures! The file is 317MB and so it takes a bit to download it! The polymer clay scene is becoming more international and so knowing more about each another is getting more important. This introduction to the contemporary European polymer clay scene is one way of getting connected. The European artists have different conditions than the artists in the U.S. and that makes their work different and exiting. A number of the mayor European countries and their characteristics in terms of the respective polymer clay scene will be introduced and examples of the local polymer clay work will be shown. In this enriched e-book you will see and hear parts of the speech given by Anke Humpert at the IPCA Synergy3 in March 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. It also shows the graphics for the statistics and, of course, the work of the European polymer clay artists! Buy it here!

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