Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy news!!!

Our book is here and finally read you be shipped to you! You can order it for Euro 18,95 at Martina´s shop or per mail.
Since I know everyone would love to see who finally got into the book, we have the table of contents and two sample pages for you to look at!
I would love to hear any comments from you when you actually had a look at the book .... please sent us your opinions about it, so we can make the next book even better...;-) 

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

European Polymer Clay Art - nearly here!! Fast ist es da!!!!

Dear polymer clay friends,

you are all waiting for the "European Polymer Clay Art" book. Right now, it is at the printer´s and we expect it to be delivered at the end of March. The book can be purchased for 18.95 Euro at Martina´s shop “” – and we are looking forward to your orders.
Both of us had not anticipated the amount of time and unexpected formalities that were necessary to complete this book. But now we are more than happy with the outcome!
It was disappointing not to be able to present the book at the Synergy2 Conference in Baltimore. However, the slide show of all submitted pictures of polymer clay art was recognized by all attendees (see the included email by Marcia Laska).
We hope you will be as enthusiastic as we are about this wonderful collection of European Polymer Clay Art and hope for your support.
Best wishes,

Martina and Anke
Mail by Marcia Laska
"Thanks to both of you for your work collecting images of European work.Many of the visitors to the gallery and exhibit stood and watched the many images that continuously played during Synergy.Clearly your efforts were appreciated by many. I realize how much work went into this project. You are both to be commended for the hours youspent.
Take care,
Marcia Laska"

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Friday, March 12, 2010

My new book ist out!! Mein neues Buch ist da!!

Heute hab ich eine ganze Kiste voll mit meinem neusten Buch bekommen...;-))

Today I got a box full of my second polymer clay book...;-)

Hier könnt Ihr es bestellen.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soap Workshop in Upflamör - Seifen Workshop in Upflamör

Last weekend I went to El Sapone´s Soapmaking Workshop in Upflamör, a tiny village south of Stuttgart. We had such a blast!! The best time ever! El Sapone is such a sweetheart;-)) and Andrea, my best friend, had done a wonderful job to organize this workshop and she even celebrated her birthday on the workshop. I meet lots of great new people and we even got snowed in....!
All of our soap where just perfect and I will show you some more pictures of the finished pieces, whe I have some good pictures of them. For today some impressions of the workshop...;-)

Letztes Wochenende war ich auf El Sapones Seifensieder Workshop in Upflamör, einen winzigen Dorf südlich von Stuttgart. Wir hatten so einen tolle Zeit miteinander! Es war kaum zu überbieten! El Sapone ist ein Schatz und Andrea, meine beste Freundin, war einfach die perfekte Workshop-Planerin. Und sie hat sogar ihren Geburtstag auf dem Workshop gefeiert. Ich habe haufenweise neu, tolle Leute kennen gelernt und wir wurden sogar mächtig vom Schnee überrascht!
Alle unsere Seifen sind einfach wahnsinnig toll geworden. ich zeig euch, sobald ich ein paar gute Bilder von den fertigen Seifen haben, noch mehr davon...;-) Aber heute schon mal ein paar Workshop Impresionen...;-)

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Monday, March 01, 2010

...finally: everything gets back to normal...;-)

...finally things get back to normal here. And I cant tell you how happy I am about that! I was getting a bit too much lately. But I dont want to bore you with my stress, so I rather show some pictures...;-)
Finally my complimentary books have arrived. I had seen it shortly on the fair in Frankfurt, but it is much better to sitt at home and have a good look through the real thing! It arrived one day after my birthday. Good timing!

My birthday was very quite and calm this year, but I was soo glad about that. I had caught a cold in Birmingahm and so I just wanted to senpt it  on my sofa, and so I did!

Birmingham was fantastic and I had not much time to take just a few here:
Some of the pictures were made by Suze Weinberg, who was so kind to allow me to use them. If you like to see more please go to her blog. She has done a really good job with all the pictures!

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