Friday, November 20, 2009


We have put together a little polymer clay box of give aways ( and we might throw in some more things or even make a second box...;-) ). There are a lot of things for you to try out and have fun with....!!! I can already hear you ask the question: and how can I win this box?
Well, here is the deal: we need more people to get involved in our Euro Clay People Project. This means we need more people to know about it. And here is what you can do for us, and one ( or two!) of you will win this prize by doing so:

Post on your blog or website about our call of entries for the Euro Clay People Book and link to my previous post (here!). If you have done this, come back to my blog and post a comment with the link where you have posted about our call of entries. If you have done so I will put your name on the list for the drawing of the give-a-way on 12th of December. Easy, right?
Any quesions? Please ask, someone else might have the same question!
So please link our call and post a comment!!! Spread the word and make my day...;-)

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