Wednesday, July 30, 2008


..... just some sneakies today...;-))

.... nur ein paar kleine Einblicke für heute...;-)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


weather!! It´s either hot or cold....nothing in between!!! What a summer!
Unfortunatley I can´t show you any of the things, I am working on right now... so without much words, I show you some pictures about some things around here:Today I got some mail love: Dawn send me this wonderful pack of paper scraps...can´t wait to use them...;-)... I have been on the flea market again and found some little treasures: a kids sewing mashine and a kids book I have been looking for for quite some time now. The sewing mashine needed a bit of repair, but is working again and my DD enjoyes using it!.... did some little sewing projects. The boat fabric was another flea market find!.... and finally some pictures from my studio: I found the bottle rack at my mums house. She wanted to through it out!!! And I had been looking for one of these for ages! I wanted to use it for my paints ... and now I set it up in the studio...;-) So pleased with it!

What are you doing?? Any new things in your studios? Or did you find some things you have been wanting for some time??? Tell me! I would like to hear about it!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer holidays

.... have finally started for the kids! Wednesday was the last day for this term. DS went to my parents for a week and so its nice and quite good to finally relax! It was very stressy for all of us to adjust to the different schools here. And it is quite nice to be without out moody teanager for a while...;-)
In the evening we did a little trip to a hill near us and were goofing aoround, and watching a breathtaking sunset over the french mountain range over on the other side of the Rhine.
Unfortunatly DD and me are both not to well right now and I feel like all power has been trained off me... so I am happy about some relaxing time to come. We have been to the doctors this morning and now we are taking it easy.....;-)
How are you??? Have your sumer breaks started, or ( haven no!) have they allready finished?? Do tell me!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

carving away promised I want to show you some of the things I have done during my blogging absence...;-)

wie versprochen, möchte ich euch noch ein paar der Dinge zeigen, die ich im meiner Blog-Abstinenz zu Ende gebracht habe..;-)

I have been carving some new stamps finally!!! And I am so enjoying this!! Working on my supmission for the August Swapzine for the Carving Consortium... I have not done this for mush too long!
Endlich hab ich mal wieder ein paar neue Stempel geschitzt. Es macht einfach immer wieder wahnsinnig Spaß! Ein paar davon waren für meinen Beitrag zum August Swapzine des Carving Consortium ... ich hatte schon viel zu lange nicht mehr mitgemacht!

Tin Lizzy is not quite as I wanted it...too many little break aways!

Tin Lizzy is nicht ganz so wie ich es wollte, die kanten brechen einfach zu schnell aus!

I had this kitchen towel lying aground for some month now, and still did not finish the apron I wanted to sew...but now it it and I love it! And I had not been sewing for much too long, too...just phantastic!

Ich hatte mir das Küchentuch noch in Berlin besorgt und bin einfach nicht dazu gekommen, die entsprechende Schürze daraus zu nähen....aber sie ist wunderbar geworden! Und ich hatte so lange nicht mehr genäht...ach einfach herrlich!

Another former unfinished project: I had so many left over jarn that I wanted to make something out of them, and I wanted to make some granny square project. So the idea was born to make a pillow...;-))) And here it is....!! My DD loves it, too, so as soon as it was finished it disapeared in her room!

Noch ein ehemals unbeendetes Projekt: I hatte noch so viele Wollreste, das ich sie irgendwie verwerten wollte, und ich wollte schon immer mal was mir Granny Squares ( weiß jemand wie die in Deutsch heißen?) machen. Und so wurde die Idee geboren ein Kissen zu häckeln...;-)) Und da ist es nun! Meine Tochter hat sich gleich verliebt, sobald es nicht mehr an der Häckelnadel hing ist es in ihr Zimmer verschwunden!
How about your unfinishe projects??? Do you get some of them done inventually?? let me know...;-)
Wie ist das mit euren unbeendeten Projekten??? Bekommt ihr sie irgendwann dann doch noch beendet?? Würde ich gerne mal wissen...;-)

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

are you wondering

what I have been doing??? Well, me, too!!! There are so many things that needed my urgent attention right now, I had no time to blog AT ALL! I have tones of pictures and finished quite a bit of the UFS I still had here, but since I had not much access to my computer I had no way to edit them all, so this will habben as my time permits it, but I fear this will not be soon, since the summer holidays are only around the corner!!! Oh deary me!!
Today I had to take care of my Bokashi Bucket!!!!
...this is the first time I had tried to fill a bokashi bucket. Unfortunately I have selected a place that was exposed to much to the sunlight and so it got to hot!! After some new information I got from Al ( Biosa[tm] Bokashi Composting , ), I decided to take the bad bokashi out and start everything from scratch again!

Hey and don´t forget to comment...;-)
Try to be back soon!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Big time toot!

now finally I am able to tell you about it! Here is my big toot:

I am on a new Design Team, for whom you ask: “Just Stamps – einfach stempeln!” - a new Germany Stamp, Scrap and Mixed Media Magazine!!! I am soo happy about it and I hope it will be a big succsess!

Endlich kann ich Euch meine großen Neuigkeiten erzählen: ich bin in ein neues Design Team aufgenommen und zwar bei „Just Stamps – einfach stempeln!“ – dem neuen deutschen Magazine für Stempler, Scrapper und Mixed Media Artists!!! Ich freue mich wahnsinnig darüber und hoffe es wird ein großer Erfolg!

The first issue will be out 1st of September 2008 and you can get it here: CreaVil

Die erste Ausgabe gibt es ab 1. September 2008 und zwar hier: CreaVil

...and there will be another change here on AnartIsland: from now on I will post bilingual...;-)

..und es wird eine andere Neuerung geben auf AnartIsland: ab jetzt werde ich immer zweisprachig schreiben…;-)

Have a good day and keep on commenting...I love to here from you!!!

Habt einen wunderbaren Tag und vergest nicht Kommentare ab zu geben..ich liebe es was von Euch zu hören…;-)

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


....journaling freely translates as:
"Child of good luck - if someone asks me, I always say: I never win anything! But that is not true at all! I have won several times already, but I don't take the small prizes. No, that´s not what I like to deal with: I go for the big thing! And when I think about it, there were a couple of times I hit the jackpot! So I guess I am a Child of good luck!!"
Layout about me hitting the jackpot on the Scrap-a-licious WS weekend in Holland

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...what exactly do you mean: "Are you moody...?"

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