Thursday, April 24, 2008 we go again...;-)

...whats that??? Two posts in three days??? I must be getting back in the mood for blogging!!! Yesterday we had the first sunny day since, I cant even remember since when.....! Look what a bit of sunshine can do to me: I have a ton of eye candy to show you!!
First of all I want to show you mine find, that I have promised you! In Germany we do have (in some cities) days when you can put your bulk waste on the road in front of your house and the next day it gets collected by the garbage removers from the town, This however is a good opportunity for all kind of treasure hunters to find things before BEFORE they get collected....
and these are the treasures I found..

I am thinking about revamping the chair and the suitcase a bit... How about some polkat dots, maybe??? We will see!
My poppies are so lovely, and each day a new one opens up! Cant take my eyes off them!
This orange is almost translucent!!! What a color!!!

.....I also started a new crafty project: I wanted to find some good use for some of my leftover yarns, and I always wanted to make something with granny squares. So I took out my box of yarn and started. I will have to see how far my leftovers go and then decide, WHAT it actually is going to be...LOL

AND I made some new ATCs!!! Seams like ages, since I made the last ones!!! I am really happy about it, since I had a couple I needed to sent for a trade, and I really like the outcome of those new sets!!!

(These ones are traded already:)
(So are these:)
(But these are still here waiting for there travel destination . Just let me know if you like to trade with me, okay???)And finally I have a toot!!!! Two of my polymer clay tins where featured on the Craftgossip blog network!!! How cool is that!!! Mine are N0. 1 and 4...;-)))
Hoping for some more sunshine today....makes my live so much easier!!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

.....what keeps me

from blogging??? I have no idea!´s not that there would be nothing to blog about or that I do not want to...I just don't do it. Does that ever happen to you??? are a couple of things that have been on my mind lately.
Scrapping: I think about it all the time, but don't actually do it....why??? Don´t know....this is another layout That I had started on Corinnes WS and have not show you up to now.
Right now I am very much into food! The kids have been very bad with eating their lunch and i don't think thats funny. Well so I thought maybe I need to make a bit of a bigger effort. to make a long story short: I "found" Bento Boxes!!! Since I am completely crazy about (nearly) everything from Japan this is the ideal answer!!! Like to have a look?? Here are two great ways to see what bento boxes are: Flickr group and Biggies blog. I really like to get into making bentos...there are just two little problems: I need to adjust it to my kids much more western taste and I need to find some supply source for some of the equipment. I am really sad about loosing my local Asian food market in Berlin. It was in walking distance and , as it turns out new, one of the biggest in the city! As I have to look in a much smaller town now, it gets a bit more difficult: I found a couple of little Asian food shops, but I now realize how spoiled I am when it comes to that kind of shopping! But fortunately I might take a little trip to Berlin soonish and have a little shopping trip to my former Local Asian market...;-) Anyway her is my first attempt at making rise balls ( not for the kids, for myself....!):
On the weekend we had a tiny little birthday celebration for my son, who turned 14....!!! I hardly can believe he is 14 already! Two of his cousins and his (half-)brother came over for some cake and muffins. It was not to busy and in the evening we were all watching a film together. Sunday was the only nice and sunny day this week and we luckily went out for a like trip on that day. It got colder in the evening, but nothing compared to the already bad weather now!

My flowers and veggies are starting to open up and come out of the earth now. The veggies grow real slow, but I can understand that, I would not want to get out in the cold, too!
I found some real nice thrifty things last week, too, but have not taken any pictures. A red chair for my kitchen balcony and a vintage suitcase, some tiny glass vases and some little brick a brag. I will show you later...okay???
I promise not to be so lazy with blogging anymore....its good to keep in the rhythm...;-)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

totally imbalanced!

...not just me, but the weather, too!!! I feel completely out of it....where has my rhythm gone?? The change between my DH being here and gone( every 3 days a different program!), getting up really early ( like 5 am) and staying up late( after midnight) in fast sequences, and the rainy weather makes it really hard for me right now...have no idea what to do about it!!
I am really into ecological questions right now and I was watching "an inconvenient truth" the other night.....if you have not seen it, go and do it: NOW!!! its such an important film and it really makes me wonder what is going to happen to our planet. We need to wake up!!! SOON!!! You see signs of it everywhere!
On the weekend we did a hike near the River Rhein...and there its again: too much water! Look at it!

I did get a couple of things done in my new studio and it is looking much better already...still not finished, but I am getting there slowly...;-) have a look yourself:

I found this tiny very nice local market, just around the corner...and I think they have wonderful fresh local things there...This is so good!!! And the closeness to France really shows...;-)
..I am waiting for my tulips to open up each day... but its still cold I guess I have to wait some scrapping, no moja and no new creative projects in sight...hope do get back into the swing soon!!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008 greener live...;-)

.....still not completely recovered from my cold, but its getting better each day!!! This new piece of jewelry just had to be mine. I found this in a nice online shop and got it on Saturday. This is so perfect for me! Made out of an old typewriter "A" love it!

I am working on preparing my workshop for this October and the sign ins will start on 14th April...if you want a seat you got to be quick it fills up like crazy ( as we know from the last years!)
The weather is playing cruel tricks on us right now!!! Yesterday we had a snow storm!!! Is that what we moved to the south for??? I don't think so!!! But today it got much nicer an a bit warmer, too. I even could put my saved herbs ( that had to come back in the house over night) out again. And I started with some plants I had bought last week. They needed to go in earth desperately.....unfortunately I still have got no garden, but two big balconies, so I decided to get my live greener nevertheless....!!! Look how nice it looks with the new plants outside...I am so glad about it!!! There will be more projects like this, but I have to make small steps...there is still a lot of boxes waiting to be unpacked, and other important stuff to be arranged.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is our waste. Unfortunately in the new house we do not have a organic waste bin anymore. I hate to put all our waste in the normal bin and so I was trying to find a new solution. I found EM Bokashi . I am still in the state for informing myself ... and if any of you have experience with this system, I would like to hear about it! But as far as I found out until now this seams to be a good way to deal with our waste...!!! I will keep you up to date with my new experiments...,-)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

....I love this!

Hanging around Originally uploaded by BigTom you remember this??The smell of freshly washed and wind tried washing?? I am so happythat I can hang my cloth outside again and wait for the sun and the wind to try it!! In Berlin it was much to dusty to do this an so we had to try our things inside...but it did not have this lovely smell in the new place I can hang it outside again!!! This smell makes me happy!!!...but this smell doesn't!!! What on earth is that I hear you asking, well that is what happens when you have an awful cold, are not able to sleep and decide to get up again to make yourself a nice cup of hot milk with honey.....but you have a new oven and are not used to takes ages to heat up anything...not like with your old gas you decide to switch on the computer until its done...and the you start surfing the internet..until you hear this funny, did not smell anything AT FIRST...remember that awful cold? and the you see this:this is what milk looks like when you let it boil for about half an hour or so...not recommended at all!!!...this is Shaun...and he was patiently waiting for us all to get up Sunday DD did lay the table for us....and I slept in with my he was waiting for us to have breakfast with sweet is that??? ;-))

On the mentioned night I was tossing and turning for a reason, too. I finally got my own studio to work in and now...I just couldn't...there is still a lot to unpack after moving, but that was not really the problem...the problem was there was something wrong in the I just couldn't work in there. But I am happy to say I solved the problem: switch some furnitures around and...BINGO...not the juices are flowing again...;-) I am so glad I did find out what the problem was. So today I finished my little vintage childhood mini book. I did start it at the Scrap-a-licious workshop, but now its all finished...and I love it!!! Thank you, Celine for another wonderful class...;-)

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