Wednesday, February 20, 2008 on both sides of the river

( the sign on the picture says: walking on new paths...;-) )

..I am back to Berlin since Saturday evening. It has been a full full week!! I did get a lot arranged but there is still so much to be done, too!!! The worst part was the getting up so early part....6 am is just not my favorite till to get up AT ALL! But I had to bring the kids to their schools and my SIL lives a bit outside of the we had to travel each morning by S-Bahn. DS seams to be settling in quite good in his new school, but I will have to talk to his new teachers next week. DD had her trial week at the school I had selected for her, but it turned out it is not the right choice. So this week she goes back to her old school in Berlin and from Monday on we go to jet another school. She had her 9th birthday on Tuesday and we had a little party at my SIL house and a bigger one on Sunday after coming back.
Since then I am back to the packing mood...and the boxes are getting more and more!!! Yesterday I had a little trip to Ikea, do get a cabinet for the new/ used oven I had discovered for the new apartment. ( the next Ikea there is not so close anymore...;-((( )... I will have some mayor planning to do for the kitchen next week! It is tiny compared to the one I have now!!! We also did switch rooms again and now this is the new studio for me....with balcony!!!! I keep you updated about the progress in there!! More pictures on my flickr pages!)

I am trying to find joy in traveling ( in fact I do enjoy traveling a lot!!) and this is the only time right now when it actually feels right to sitt down and relax...;-)
Spring seams to be just around the corner, but it is still freezing cool here and so I cough a cold...just what I need right now...
I will tarvel again on Saturday...and I might take the computer with me tis time, but I will not have a new connection until 1st of its still going to be rather irregular here on the blog and also with emails!!! So please be patience with me...;-)

BTW: will be in K. on my birthday next week, too...;-)

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Friday, February 08, 2008

...just a quick "hello"

...we are living in boxes now..literally! Packing packing packing....we had some parties going as well: My MIL was here for dinner, some friend to say good bye, my DS has a farewell party with almost all his class mates and on Wednesday was my DH´s birthday: he turned 44!!! Tonight we will have one of our nephews coming for a short visit, have one dinner with friends and another birthday party at a friends house!!!
And tomorrow I am leaving with the kids to Karlsruhe for a week. DS will sty there for good and live at his auntie´s house for now, DD will have one week of trial at her ( hopefully!) new school and I will get some things organized in our new home!!! I will not have much access to the internet while I am away, so I will keep you up to date when I am back in Berlin again!!!
Sorry to be so short....but there is a hell of a lot going on in my live right now!!! See you next week!

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