Wednesday, January 30, 2008

...MIA again!!!

..I know I know...I am such a lame blogger lately....!!! But the BIG MOVE is all there is in my head and I feel like everything is running through my hands like sand!!! Don´t like that feeling at all! Today I have another company coming to check on the volume of or stuff, and a friend will bring around tons of book boxes, I will have to pack and I am still in them middle of reducing our things and sorting out as much as I can.

One of my friends is also moving at the same time and she really has a hard time doing I need to spent some time on the phone cheering her up!

But I also have to do things on the scrap line: like this layout I did for a photo swap with Fauve. I will meet her in March and give her the LO then in person...;-) Cant wait to go to the Netherlands!
There is also some urgent work that is waiting for my for the Frances Meyer DT and *tatata* I made it to the next round of the Fashionista search on SIS TV!!! I am all nervous, because I WANT to stay in the race till the end!!! And there is tons of amazingly talented girls in there with keep your fingers crossed, please!!!

Don´t expect me to write here too often, too many things going on right bear with me, will be back on a more regular basis in Spring again...;-)

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Friday, January 18, 2008

....the count down starts!

....or the magical blog...;-) Its so cool: when ever I start whining about something on my blog, it gets solved! I think I own a magical blog...;-) Just a couple of hours after I had written my last post, I had a phone call: we got one of the apartments we applied for!!! AND what is really cool: its the one that was the top of my list! Now its definite: I will have my own craft room after moving in the new house!!! Still can not believe it!!! And now the count down starts!! 1st of March we will be living in a new town .....if any of you need my new address, please drop me a line and I will send it to you!!!

I found a new game on Nat´s and Andrea´s blogs. Its so cool I had to do it at once!!!
Cover-Artwork Tag: Create the cover of your bands new album!!!
This is how it works:

The name of your band will be showing up after using this link:
You album name will be the last four words from the last quote on that side here

The third picture here will be your album cover:

Have fun with this and post a comment so I can have a look at your bands new music...;-)

And here is another one that cracks me up:

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


...seams like month since my last blog entry!!! Yesterday finally the kids went back to school. Cant remember ever having a holiday that long!!! We had some great time seeing friends and preparing our take off. Having dinners and coffees with everyone.

We also went down south to do some more house hunting and we found two nice apartments, but we did not hear anything from the owners up to now....I hate waiting!! I would love to know were we will go to make plans for the new place and think about how we can organize our new live ! Hope I will get my own room in our new apartment! And I so much wish for a garden, but I fear it will only be a balcony if at all!!!

I hardly had any time or peace of mind to think about new years resolutions, all the challenges I wanted to take part at or even my DT work!!! I need to make some more space for that again!!!
One thing I did finally find is this years word: it´s AWARENESS in all its forms. I will try to do it as much as I can and one good way to start it was the book I got for Christmas from my DH:

"Die Suppe Lügt"...its about our food and what the food industry make out of it. It is totally revolting and I am so much disgusted by it that I need to change some of my and my families eating habits! I mean I do quite some things in that direction already, but obviously not enough! So I will not only bake our own bread ( what I already do most of the times) , but try to grow more of our own food, and by much more basic food and cook more myself. Also I will by local and organic as much as I can. Its the only way to have control over what you are eating! For all of you reading German her is a good website by the author of the book : Dr. Watson
I am sure there must be English site like this, too, but I have not come across any up to now.... I will tell you when I find more!

We also had some very good talks at our kids new schools. I can not believe the difference in the different German states!! the headmasters we were talking to were extremely friendly and were very willing to help our kids to get good starts!! It will be difficult for both of them, no doubt about that, but I am positive we will manage: they will both have to change from English as a first foreign language to French!!! So DS will have to catch up two years an DD half a year...and I was thinking about taking a course in French, too...since I never learned it!!! DD will go to a special school with classes only for dyslectic kids and they will be very small: only 12 kids! And DS is very determined to get everything all right in his new school: he even wants to move down South and stay with his aunt before we all make the move, so he will be able to start with the new term in February!!!!! I could not believe hearing that from him!!! I is not such a keen student normally!!

With all the changes and up heals I still did get one challenge started never the less: Overlooked! And here is my first picture for it:Got to go back to do some more organizing now....;-)

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year to you!!!

Happy New Year to everyone out there!!!!

I am still in Holiday mood and we have dinner with friends and family constantly....its great, but not much crafting right now!!! Tomorrow we are heading down south to get some things arranged for our move .... so the "real" blogging wont be on before end of next week!
But I will not leave you without something to look at...;-)) Some pictures and some things that inspire me for the new year:
A Different Kind of Challenge and Soldering 101 and also this 365 Days

and here are some pictures from our holidays:

Waiting for midnight:rockets just before midnight:
our new years eve dinner:
at ma local scrap store:
gift from a friend:

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