Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh Tannenbaum

..Happy Holidays to all of you!!!
May they be merry and your new year bright and creative!!!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Candle in the Snow
Originally uploaded by dcmarch

...I am not sure how often I will be blogging the next couple of days, so I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays!!! For me they start today: its winter solstice!!! And I will celebrate with my girlfriends tonight and greet the light tomorrow early morning! It the birth of the light and the turning of the seasons and I feel so much better wen this point has been reached. My mood gets much better and I an so much looking forward to the return of the light.
Tomorrow we will go out to the country side to cut down our Christmas tree and have some fun out side....and some Glühwein (edited: that is hot spiced wine, you get it ready made, but much nice when you make it yourself!) ;-)
When we come back we will put up the tree and decorate it on Sunday. Think about the last thinks we forgot and get everything prepared. On 24th in the evening we have our Christmas celebration and the long awaited gifts get opened.... long night for the kids and us, too! Christmas day is a lazy day for us and this year I will make a traditional Christmas goose!!! Wish me luck for that one...haven't done it for years! On the second day of Christmas we are invited to a Christmas Party at our friends´ house....gonna be fun to....I think thats it...we will be busy, I bet.....wish you all a good time!!! Tell me about what you are up to. Would like to hear about your plans!!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007 love

...Kirsty selected her top 7 photos on her blog...and challenged everyone to do so here is my go at it...;-) 7 pictures I took this year:

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

pink love in the mail...;-)))

today I got some pink love in the mail.....sooo happy that one of the things I have been waiting for finally arrived!!! It was my colorific-swap-o-rama packet from Icklemissus in England...she must have been studying me really well!!! Everything is just perfect!! Thank you so much!!!
Got another layout finished today, too! I have been wanting to do this for quite a while, but there was so many other things that I did not find the peace to actually make it....but I am so clad I did make it today!!! It has turned out quite a bit different that I had planned, but never the less I looove it!!!...;-)
...thats it for now, got to go back to the kitchen to get some cookies baked...;-)

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Monday, December 17, 2007

...getting in the Christmas Feeling..;-)

finally I do get a bit of Christmas Feeling...;-). I took out some of our decoration and we had some long board game afternoons with the kids. In our family we do not put up the Christmas tree before the 21th of we will go cut a tree next weekend with some friends. This week I will finish my Christmas shopping and bake some cookies with the kids in the afternoons.
When taking out the decorations I discovered this guy:

without him its no Christmas! He is old and, lets face it, not a real beauty....but when he gets lid and the smoke comes out of his pipe, thats when Christmas starts for me!!! Do you have something like this, too? Something that triggers your Christmas feelings??? Would like to hear about it!!! Got to go!!! Today I have to make a trip to IKEA......pssss!!!! ;-)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007 mail, no light, no new home....;-(((

...I am still not in a very good mood and not feeling Christmasy at all!! I guess its the missing light!! That makes me really blue! I mean we get awesome skys...but that was right in the afternoon....buhhh!!!I even have no proper light for working . Look at that:

thats around eleven in the morning!!! I mean how can you shoot any decent picture with so little light??? I also wait for a lot of mail to come in, but each day the same thing: no mail today....???? Huuu??? Please get some of the things here to cheer me up!!!
Well not being in the mood for crafting has one good side: I finally cleaned my desk completely!!! cant remember when it has been as clean as that!
I got one layout to show you nevertheless..hadn´t uploaded this one. I tried some new things with transparency's...its hard to see, but the frame around the picture is transparent...;-)

I am still hunting for a new home for us, but I guess it´s not e very good time for it! Everyone is doing their Christmas thing and not thinking about the ones I find are not the ones I want....I need a break!!! Will do more hunting after Christmas...and hope the new year will bring what we are looking for!
The kids had some of their Christmas performances: Luis played the grand piano at his teacher´s house. Alina the xylophone at her class´ Christmas performance. And she did a light beautiful!!!

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Saint Nikolaus Day!

...we had a very happy morning and all our boots were filled...;-) So we all have been good I guess!

The kids were happy to unpack the little presents and the sweets...;-)

Finally I managed to get a new layout done... another one for Corinne´s "Finding You" Workshop. more pictures here.
Have a good Saint Nikolaus Day...!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


...I am so glad I got my coloriffic swaporama packet out today!!! I have been coleccting things, but I had hardly had any time for my handmade items. So I got it to the postoffice today..LAST day!!! But just in time...;-) The lady at the post office told me it will not get to were it goes before Christmas...can you believe that??? I mean it nearly 3 week...!!!
Have been busy again...doctors appointments, bank appointments, nearly found a great apartment and the it suddenly was gone.... it seams to be more difficult that I thought at first!
Tonight is Saint Nikolaus Night in Germany: all kids have to clean their boots and put them outside of the front door over night. When they have been good they get sweets a little presents, when they were not so good they get a birch ( which is full on sweets to...;-) ). For us this is a funny thing anyhow, becaus my DH is called Nicolaus and so its his names day and his patron saint. So in our house it the wive of Saint Nikolaus, that brings the sweets!!! ;-)) I found two absolutely perfect books fro the kids and my mum sent sweets ( I think) I am not allowed to open the packet before tomorrow morning, too...;-) I can t wait to see my kids faces when they find the books: They are nice books, but they also remind them of some things they wer not so good with...( in a nice way of course!)

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Monday, December 03, 2007

...not feeling Christmasy...;-((

...don't know what is wrong with me, but I am not feeling Christmasy at all!!! I guess its all the house hunting and other things to organize for our move...!!! Even the kids are not in the mood really! On the weekend I tried to make our Adventskranz with them ( which they all liked in the last years) but they did not want to ... so I ended up making it on my own. Maybe we all have been tiered? This was our first party weekend of December ! And I know there are more to come for sure! Everyone went to a different party on Saturday and Sunday was much needed for getting back to normal again!
This week is going to be quite backed as well, decisions to be made, list to write for Christmas and the Move, and presents to be made....busy busy!
Just got a phone call from my sons school: he will come home, he is ill!!! On my!
Happy Monday???

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