Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

...everyone! Will get back to you later...busy busy busy...;-)

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

....Thursday already!!!

I have done quite a bit of sorting and dealing with things I had left undone this week: lots of paperwork , that was sitting on my desk and I went to the town council again yesterday: the guy who is in charge of permitting my daughters dyslexic therapy did not give me any feedback, I found out he is absent because he is ill (since three weeks) and the lady who has to jump in for him gave me green lights !!! So we got one step further to getting it all arranged..still not through the whole way, but this is another important step!!

I am working on the preparation of two new workshops I am teaching, one next month and the other one is still a long way off, but I an very happy about this special workshop, since it is on the retreat of my polymer clay group and gives me the chance to take part in all the other Workshops too....;-)

So lots of things going on here.... when I find some time I will continue to work on my layouts, but I am not putting any pressure on it...;-)

Oh and I noticed my counter is very near to 5000! I hardly can believe this!!! So to celebrate this event I like to give out a RAK next week!!! Leave me a comment and tell me What you would like to see more on my blog. I will select one random winer of the Rak in a weeks time!!

And there is another game here!!! I nearly forgot that( bad me!!) Pay it forward....!!! I picked it up from Emine!
What does this mean? The first 3 people WHO comments on this blog will get something handmade from me within the next 365 days... I will be getting something from Emine!
BUT you need to post it on your blog too and pay it forward to other 3 people... I can't wait to see who will be the first 3 and the Rak winner!!
Ready set GO...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from the holidays and a Toot! back from the holidays...;-) we had a wonderful time and enjoyed ourselves very much!!! And when I came hope I also had some good news! I had made an entry for the Altered Envelope Contest on ScrapScene and I got an honorable mention!!! Woohhhh!!! this is what I had made for the Contest. Its an Advents calendar made with envelopes

I also had a great message on my answering machine: my polymer clay group will have another retreat in 2008....and they asked me to do one of the workshops!!! I am so happy about that!!! Wohh!!!

I like to share some pictures of wonderful autumn times in southern Germany.....;-)))

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

...some serious scrappin´ much to do!! We will be heading down south to see some family on Saturday. So i need to finish some of the projects before we go off....see those piles on my desk??? See! I told you!!

Yesterday finally my complimentary copies of the Memories Magazine arrived...and one of the layouts I had submitted...wonder when the other on will get home..
I decided I need to do some more experimenting with my stuff, I just have not in the least gone to the limits with some things. Yesterday I found this little heart shaped mirror and this gave me an idea: how about some Rub-Ons on a mirror??? It works! Its easy and I like the result!!! Try it! ( The rub-ons are from Frances Meyer)

Finished one layout today: my entry for the all about eve challenge #8- Music:
No Music - No More.
You cant read the journaling on the picture, so here is it:

...I loved music...used to love it! Don´t get me wrong.. I still love it, BUT...!
When I was younger I used to listen to music all the time. My best friends were the ones I shared music with. My guitar was my best friend as a teen. I even was a DJ for my schools party club. What happened? my hearing got quite bad, and I know it will get worst eventually. Now if I hear music, I have difficulties to hear what people are saying, cant follow a conversation anymore, because of music! This really led me to prefer silence...most of the times. But
sometimes I still have to turn up the volume...!!!

I love it when you leave me a comment and there are so many of you ready I would never have guessed!! Please keep on commenting...;-))

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Beautiful Autumn you know the Moomins? I love them!!! The books were some of my favorite ones as a child!! My kids also loved them, when they were smaller. In one of the books there is this little story about Moomin and the Snorkmaiden talking about what the spring will be like. They sitt on the fresh grass and they see this wonderful golden butterfly flying by. Snorkmaiden says that when you see a white butterfly, it is supposed to be a beautiful year ahead of you...but they even see a golden one and so their year will be just fabulous!! I just love this story so much!!
I have seen this wonderful white butterfly and so I hope it will be my sign of a wonderful autumn this year...;-)
For some reason I am a bit disorientated at present. I had two appointments on the weekend, were I had to go nearly through half of the town to get there. Since the weather was so beautiful on the weekend, I decided to go there on my bike. And I got lost twice....not completely, but there were some moments, when I wasn't sure where I was. Since I came through areas, I don't go to normally, this is not surprising, but it still was so that it made me wonder: on Saturday I had a little map with me, that I had printed out before I went off. I put it in my pocket and when I finally needed it, I noticed it had had flown out of my pocket.
On Sunday I could not take the road, I wanted to, since there was a little fun fare right on that road. So I went to the next road, but ended up following long curves that I had not expected, had to go around a big grave yard and a park, and got nearly lost again.....strange!!!!
When I made this trip I went to a friend´s opening of her new studio. It was a very nice party and she offered me to use one of the studio rooms for workshops!!! Yeah!!! So I got a room again!! Since I had some inquires about a new workshop, I will just jump in and I am planing one for early or mid November. If you are in the Berlin area and fancy taking a bookbinding workshop with me around that time, please do sent me an email!!! I will sent you detail as soon as I have them...;-))

oh and don't forget to check out the new Scrap in Style Boutique...there are some awesome things there!!!

Have a good week!!!

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Autumn Joys from a wonderful walk in the Botanical Gardens in Berlin:

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

...go, go, go!!!!

...on Sunday we had the Berlin Marathon here again! DH wanted to take part this year, and I had very mixed feelings about it! I know he can do it, but he does not really have the time to train properly for it!! So I did not really feel good about him taking part. In the end he did not, because he injured his knee and he will need to have an operation chance of running a marathon !! I took many pictures, but it is not so easy to get good ones, they are so fast!! But I got a decent picture of the fastest woman running!!!
Finally I got some time to do some more scraping. This is the layout I did for Corinne Delis " Finding you!" WS.
last night we had Niki and her family over for dinner. It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed meeting one of my Design Team colleagues for Frances Meyer in real live!! Niki is a very nice person and her husband and her little son are very nice, too! I enjoyed it so much and I hope we will be able to meet again! The only shame was, that we had so little time together!!
Hope you are all well....;-)

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