Wednesday, September 26, 2007

......more roller coaster!!! I quite my job!!!!! I just had has been quite a while that it did not feel good anymore. And the last couple of month had just been to much. So today I stood up and said: I have enough!!! It feels so good to be free again! But I will have to get much more into freelance work...scary...but I am positive: I will go there!
So much for the bad news ;-) the good news is a big Toot!!! In the new Somerset Memories are two of my layouts! I have just seen it today: one of my layouts is featured on a double cool is that? I was sooo proud when I saw it!! The second layout is in the same article, but much smaller.....
the only thing is that I am still waiting for my complimentary copy of the magazine...hence the cover ;-)) I am like sleeping in my mailbox so I will not miss it...hope it gets here fast!!! ;-)

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I have been a real bad blogger lately! I wish I had some more time to just sit down an write...but alas there is to many things that need my attention right now... non scrap related of course! I still feel like on a roller coaster going up and down constantly.
My life has mostly been like this...always unexpected things coming up, or crazy stories happening. Sometimes I think I should write a book about those stories....but everyone would thing I am just telling stories anyway!!! Yesterday I had planned a dinner with some friend, that are visiting from the morning I got a phone call, that they need to chancel our dinner, because their family had arranged something for them that night. Okay, no problem for me, I am easy. So I wend on with my daily live....just before 6 I got another phone call : their little bay was having health problems and they need a paediatrician. So I gave them the address and phone number of my kids doctor, arranged a date for them , just 15 minutes later they were their. Then I got another phone call from my doctor: where was I? She can not communicate with my friends and she need me to be there to translate! I had not even asked my friend if she would be okay with German...and of course I had never spoken to her in German, either!! So I made sure my kids were all right until DH would be home, got on my bike and cycled to the doctor. It turned out she could not do much and we had to go to hospital. I decided to go with them, how could I not have...??? Grap a taxi, go to the children´s hospital and then wait!! They had many emergencies coming in, and so we had to wait for quite some time, but in the end it turned out good: no need of surgery and the little boy was taken care of very well. So we took another taxi when to their hotel and I went home by underground from their. My bike still stands in front of the doctor´s and I need it when I will go to work .... but this is the next story..more about that later....!!!
Oh just by the way: this is normal for me! Things like this happen, well not on a daily basis, but very often!!!
Got to get ready for my next adventure!!!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

.....mixed emotions!!!

...I don't know how my stars are right now, but it must be a very divers constellation. There is so many things going on right now. That´s not unusual, but what is very unusual it that it is like one: good thing, one bad thing, one good thing, one bad thing ..... this is like a stellar Kneipp therapy!!! Or alike our broken shower in cosmic energy!!! I don't want to bore you with all the bad things, lets just say I have a boss that is very moody, a ridiculous landlord, the town council and my daughters school is working against get the picture!
So I try to concentrate on the good things, to not feel like completely blown away pathetic things:
I had some happy mail!!! I totally love it!!! Look here:

I got my Dare Book!!! I didn't have the time to completely dig into it, but as much as I have seen already, this will be a companion for many hours!!! Love it!!!

This is the red velvet kit I had ordered ...AND it was quite quick to get is so cool!!! Cant wait to get my hands on it!! I think this has a London feeling to it!!! Might get out my old pictures and scrap a little London book.....hmmmm;-))

I managed to find a shop here in Berlin that has actually some Love Elsie stuff!!! No not the one I am working in another one...;-) It to a hell of a long time to get here...but thats another story (*note to self* cut out the bad things!)....yeah some more things to play!!!!!!

Corinne gave me some great tips about how to take self portraits, and this morning I had a go ... took tons of picture, but most weren't good... but this one I quite like!!! And guess what!! I had a couple of comment like this one: " it´s beautiful, but why so serious?" ARRRGGGG!!! No I don't want to hear that line!!! This is the line I hear since I am a small girl, I am just like daydreaming or thinking about something, and someone comes up to me and says ALWAYS freaked me out!!! Man this is my face!!! This is what I look like when I don't think about how I look!!! This is not me making a serious face...its just: ME!!! can you believe that???

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

weekend in barcelona

today just a quick one: layout I made for a photo swap with Kirsty...hope you like it...;-)

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Saturday, September 15, 2007 : some quick eyecandy...;-))

...don't feel like writing much at present, but I did some new work..;-) So I will let you see some eyecandy instead of talking, all right??? The first picture is another layout I made for the "Finding YOU" workshop: "Live in Balance"

These are the pictures of my finished travel box from our holidays in France...if you like to see all pages go to my flickr account or to SIS TV...;-)

...I made a new bread today....the Hokkaido milk bread!!! Well I did my own version of it, because I wanted to adapt it for my bread maker!!! It is divine!!! Especially with the chocolate filling I put in...;-)
I got really back into backing bread right now and I found some awesome blogs with great recipes:
A year in bread ( Got to try the wonderful bear easy and sooo tasty!)!!! and here is the German version for the milk bread!!!( here for the Japanese/ English version!)
Have a great Sunday!!!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

...I am still alive!!

...just very busy!! Unfortunately mostly with none scrap related things....
But I still can show you some things and will write some more later in the day....hope I get some time to do it...;-))

First a layout I did for Corinne Delis wonderful " Finding YOU" Workshop:

I also want to show you some new toys I got for myself...;-) Had to get them out of customs, hope to use them soon!!

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

.....whats going on??? many things have gone wrong since we came back from France. What is happening??? I really don't know!!! I am busy with trying to get things back to order and this is keeping me busy!!!

Worst of all was that DD has picked up lice on her summer camp with her after school club. We should know by now how to handle this since that awful problem is coming back regularly!!! But for some reason we didn't! So we we discovered them we all had them!!!! I have been washing at least 25 loads of washing since last Monday!!! And since we do not have a dryer, had everything hanging in the flat....!! DH did most of the searching for the beasts and the long hours of combing. This morning we all got cleared by the doctor.... but we still need to check, since a lot of my kids friend have them, too!!! Keep your fingers crossed they wont visit us again!!! PLEASE!

Since the kids had to stay home a couple of times, they also had some kind of stupid start at school and they have not fully realized the holidays are over now....and they are not ready to work again.

Another problem is that our telephone decided to stop working, while we were gone. I brought it back to the shop were we got it from. They told me to send it to the manufacture, without paying for the postage. Today my favorite postman rings and hands me back our package with the broken telephone!! The manufactures refused to accept the package and so I had to pay for posting, plus having the broken thing back again!!! This really makes me made!!! As if I would not have other things to do!!!

On top of all that I have to work a lot at the shop now...its the seasons of trade fairs for stampers here in Germany. More hours than usual, and a lot of things to do!!!

I started to take the "Finding YOU" workshop with Corinne Delis, but since my head has been elsewhere I have not fully gotten into it jet...

Wish we could just go back to normal ...PLEASE!!!

But I did finish "The Deathly Hollows" ...they helped me to get away from thinking about the lice to much!!!!

BTW: how do you like my new blog banner???

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