Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nice niece night

...last night we had a nice niece night...;-) One of our nieces is staying with us since one week. She is in a Russian Course right now, and will be going to St. Petersburg next month. Her course is here in Berlin, so she is staying with us. This weekend there was also another one of our nieces here with her Uni. So last night we had a niece niece night...;-) Its always so lovely to hear about their plans and travels and what they are up to. Doro also gave a little piano concert ( she plays fantastic!) and we had a lovely dinner together.....

Last week I finished the travel box I wanted to prepare for our holidays...and I am very happy about how it came out! It will be so lovely to do all my journaling while traveling! We still did not find the right car and so we will borrow a van from friends of us. On Saturday, straight after work we will go off!!! First to Colon to get the car , then to Freiburg to pick up the kids from the Grandparents and then off to France!!!

I still have tonnes of things to do before the holidays, but I fear I will not get them all done. Ah well, I will try my best and then see how everything goes. Today I just had to finish two new carved stamps....carving stamps is such a meditative process.....so good for calming down! And some nice things get done while getting calm again...;-)

One thing I am also proud is that I am keeping my promise to myself: I am better looking after myself! I went to see my dentist yesterday! One of my fillings were broken and I needed a new one really badly. I had not even realized this so it was very good I had made this appointment!! Since the filling had to go anyway, I decided I do not want a new one with Amalgam again and so now I am rid of at least one of them!!! I will have to take this slow, but eventually they all have to get exchanged! Feels good to go in the right direction!

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Friday, July 27, 2007


I need to get this out!!! I am a "Warmduscher"!!! It literally means someone who has warm showers ... which does not mean much really, but in German this has become something like a title for wimps.
And I have to admit: I am a warmduscher. I do not have a problem with this, except that our shower has a problem!!!! Something is wrong with the temperature. You can have either cold or HOT!!! And I mean HOT HOT! nothing in between and definitely not warm!!! This really makes me mad!!! I try to fiddle around to get something in between HOT HOT and freezing cold, but the damn shower gives me something like 5 minutes freezing water, 5 sec. warm and then hot hot. If I turn it down again, same game: 5 minutes hot hot, 5 sec. warm and then freezing water!!! I complained about this to my Hubby, but he is no warmduscher, so he forgets about it and I am still in trouble!!! I need to get this fixed or it drives me nuts!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and had my blood and some other things tested again. Everything seams to be more or less back to normal again! I am so grateful about not being ill anymore....but I still feel soo tiered and sleepy all the time!! And I has hoping to do so many things while the kids are at their grandparents ... oh well, seams like I need some relaxing time!! I also spoke to my doctor about my migraines, the last time I had it was just too bad!! And I had to promise my son I will see my doctor about it. She asked me to keep a diary about the pains and everything about it. So I will get back to write everything done, again. I had neglected this for to long.

My desk is just one big mess right now!!!! I have so many projects I still want to do!! I realized just yesterday it is only a bit more than a week until we are off to our holidays ... and many things waiting for me!!! Breath, Anke, Breath!!! and take one step after the other....;-))

Last night I finished a new layout. I have done this for the Challenge #3: "Escape" at All about Eve´s.

Journaling reads:
My Escape - Books are my escape, I read books, I make books, I write books, T eat books, I sleep books, I dream books,I see books, I buy books, I breath books, I need books, I hate books, I feel books, I love books, I hoard books, I hurt books. Escape!

Oh BTW: I still need to get the new Harry Potter!!! My son wants to read it in English!!! that is good news and I want to encourage it! His English teacher will be delighted...and I can read it after him...;-))
Have a great week end!!!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

....apparently I rock!

...after I posted the layout of my Dad as a Rockstar, it only seamed fair, that I got tagged by the super talented Emine to be a rocking girl blogger!!!
I will edit this post later on and tag some of my rocking girl bloggers, too, but quiet a couple have been tagged already!

EDIT: so here are my Rockin´Girls:

Brigitte ( I know you are still traveling, but once you get home you can go on with this...;-)

You girls all rock !!! ;-))

Remember this picture I posted of our new lack and white corner in our living room??? It has been featured in the apartment therapy blog!!! I am very happy about this, since I read the book and I love it, but I did not think I would be able to do the whole program. But I picked a lot of ideas and am working on it on a slow scale....and as it seams it shows!!!

I had a great weekend, weather wise it was very mixed, on day quite hot and Sunday started with a heavy thunderstorm! but i got to meet one of my online friend in RL!!! And that is so great!!! I meet the wonderful, talented Brigitte and we were on one line instantly!!! Such a shame we live so far apart!!

I also finished my layout for the #41 pencilline sketch....the new one is up already!!! I am so slow right now!!!

Have a great week!!! Got to make myself ready for work!!! First day after two weeks off being ill!!

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Friday, July 20, 2007


...my layout for the Scrapjack of Wendy Bretz

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

...me?? Pink??? Never!!

if you should ever ask me if I like pink, this is what you would hear: me? Pink? Never!!! But lately I had this thing for pink...totally unlike me!!! I just could not resist!!! Does that mean I start being a girly girl??? I don´t think so: me ? Never! LOL!!!

Last night I have been watching this movie with the DH. I have been completely shaken!! It´s about what we eat and where our food comes from. There are some things in this film that make me want to puke!!!! I need to do some serious thinking about what we eat...I mean not WE as in "we all", but "we as a family"!!!
I mean, I try to get good food on the table, and I hope I am not doing too bad, backing our bread most of the times, buying on the local market and using my bicycle when ever possible ( well we don't have a car anyway!) . But this movie cracked me up!!! If you ever get the change watch it!!!! Oh and I found this: a calender when which fruit or vegetable is in season: very important! ( for Germany) For England

I have been doing some sorting, redecorating and organizing lately, since I am still homebound, mostly. How do you like my new spice rack with blackboard drawers??? I have been wanting to do this for a long time now!!!

The second corner in my studio is getting better organized, too:
and even the living room is getting more stylish at last!!!
There are some more random informations I do not want to hold back from you:

Frances Meyer Website is going to be up very soon!!! And the list with th Design Team is up already!!!! Yeah!!!!

I found a new ( well for me!) blog, that exactly fits into my old/new greenes and crafyness: the worsted witch!!!! Go have a look its great!!!!

Puuuhhh, what a long post...;-))) Well hape this makes up for being such a lame blogger lately!!!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Eyecandy

..today only pictures...

Red Currant, Almonds and Curd Cheese Muffins - unbaked

and baked.

Sunday breakfast:

Sunday Lunch:

Photoswap with Emine. My layout:

Sunday Favorites on flickr:

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

...being ill...

...first of all I want to thank everyone for the nice comments and good wishes you posted!!! I am really greateful for your concern!!!

Last Saturday I had some great mail: a RAK from Gloria Froese I had won on her blog...Thank you so much Gloria!!!

Since I am just not able to stay in bed for long, I did some of the things I wanted to do for a while now! Here is a new layout I made today for the ZingBOOM challenge and the Dare #70 ( good thing I can use it for both...;-):
Got to get ready to see my doctor again.... see you later...;-)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

...are you wondering???

...what happened to me, why I am absent so much????
Well, I am ill.....I went to the doctor yesterday and I didn't even think it was necessary but I was diagnosed with pyelitis ( Nierenbeckenentzündung) , and now I have to stay in bed.

Today is the last day at school for the kids and my DD will go camping for a couple of days, but the weather is still awful, I mean its supposed to be summer!!

Better go back to bed...;-(((

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!!

....wish all my American friends and readers a wonderful day of celebrating!!!
Here in Germany we just have an ordinary day, rainy and cold as such.

I have been pretty exhausted lately and am still in the middle of getting on top of my organization thing. But I do not want to let yo stand in the rain... so I thought today I will give you some links to my inspirations sources right now, in no particular order...;-))

I just love the way Sarah keeps here scraps and clippings!!! the ultimate solution, how do reduce all these magazines flying around AND still keep all the inspiring pictures of them!!!

A very cool way to bind your own journals are here. I love this tutorial!!!

Some of these ideas to use household items to get organized are just soooo cool!!! Check it out!

New forum and platform for Scrappers! A Must see!!!

Got this book, which Ali E. recommended and I love it!!! Use what you already have to make cool! thing!!!

Just finished reading this!!! Starhawk is just a brilliant writer!!! I had been reading "The fifth sacred Thing" last year and I trully enjoyed it. Walking to Mercury is like what happened before and its closing the time gap from now to the future ("The fifth sacred Thing") and the past("Walking to Mercury"). Very inspiring book in many ways!!!

Have a great day and be inspired!!!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

...live moves one quickly!!!

....has been a while since I blogged!!!! Just wanted to let you all know I am still alive. Tons of work to do....the school holidays are near, so tons of school organizing things to do, too!!!

On the weekend I did finally try to make the Celtic knot cane, that Sarah tough us on the workshop...I think for a first try it did come out quite well!! Still a lot to improve...but okay for now.

I also wanted to show you the HUGE amount of material Frances Meyer sent out to their Design Team members!!! More work for the next year!!! LOL!!!

Got to get some more things organized.....have a good week!!!

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