Wednesday, June 27, 2007

....I had a super weekend!!! about you??? I spent my weekend near Frankfurt on a workshop from my Polymer Clay Group. And the wonderful Sarah Shriver taught us how to make unbeliveable beautiful cane work. In the picture you can see some of my pieces, all still unfinished and kind of raw, but you can see the potential there...;-) I used one coulor palett and I was thinking South West and Indian when I choose my colour... I think I got that feeling in my beads...;-)

There is a lot for me to chatch up on, since my Design Team Work for Frances Meyer started and we are all in the process to get to know each other, so only time for a short post today....;-)

But I also wanted to show you my entry for the Pencil Line DT call.... there were an unbelivable number of 166 entries!!! I did not make it this time, but I still like my layout...;-)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

.......Frances Meyer Design Team...;-)))

...thank you everyone for your congratulations and genuine replies to my last blog entry!!!! I am really moved my it! I am sooo exited and am very proud to be member of such a talented group! Today I want to show you my entries for the FM TD....I know you all like eye candy..;-)

I made one layout and an altered suitcase ( for dolls). I always wanted to make one like this and all the travel theamed papers and stickers from FM were just great for it!!!!

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a workshop weekend near Frankfurt: a weekend with some of my old friends from my Polymer Clay group and Sarah Shrivers!!!! I am sooo much looking forward to this.....but there will be no post her till Tuesday or so.... have a great weekend!!!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I MADE IT!!!!!

I am soooo happy to tell you I got accepted for the Frances Meyer Design Team 2007-2008!!!! I am over the moon!!!
Just this quick note to let yáll know!!! ;-))))


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

rainbow colours

The "20 countries" inspired me so much, I had to do another one... ;-)
I am working on a project, and this is a colour study for it.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Interview time!

On the weekend I got my interview from sweet Hagit. She posted this interview meme on her blog and I thought it was a nice idea, so I joined. Here are the answers to the questions I got from her:

1. Your crafting is very varied: you work with fimo, you make soap,you sew, you know how to knit and crochet, and you're a scrapbooker too! Which is your favourite and why?

Ohh, that´s difficult and easy at the same time: my favourite one is always the one I am doing right now! I just cant stick to one thing only. The world is so colourful and varied and I like to be the same. There is a craft for every mood I am in and so I keep jumping back and forth all the time. BUT at the moment I am a complete scrapper. I like that I can incorporate quite a view of my other interests and that makes it very appealing for me right now. It also gives me the chance to keep up with what is happening in my live and is much more interesting for me that writing a diary. I think over the time it will develop into something completely personal with a mix of many of my interests in it...;-)

2. What type of art/ craft do you really NOT like, or is completely UN-appealing to you?

I don´t think there is one, actually. Its more a style that I do not find appealing that a craft as such. The craft it the technique and so it always depends what you are doing with it. But there is one I will never really get into: felting! Not that I would not like it, but I just cant: I am allergic to sheep wool and so there is no chance for this craft with me!

3. Is there one LO, or any other of your art pieces of yours which you feel was unrightly overlooked? You really like it, but people seem to ignore it?

I had this feeling with quite a couple of my pieces, but with a bit of time passing I could see what it was that people do not like about this particular piece. Thats the time when I like to take a second look, because then I will be ready to makes notes about what I will do different in future. Sometimes it also takes a while until one particular piece is discovered....and many many times one person likes one piece and the next another...;-)

4. I know you like to travel. Where are you going next?

Thats an easy one! On Friday I will go to Bad Homburg, were I will have a Polymer Clay Workshop that my PC Group organised!! We have a great teacher ( Sarah Shivers) from the States coming and I really look forward to this! Seeing all the women from the group again and getting new impulses for my PC work ( which has been neglected a bit lately;-) ).
In August I will go to France with my family for our summer holidays. We as looking for a VW van right now and we will do a nice camping trip in France. This I also look forward to very much!

5. What is your dream?

I do have tons of dreams, but I think here we are talking about my art/craft dreams right? Normally I do not speak about it very much, because I feel very shy about it ... but maybe I should not be..;-) My biggest dream is do be able to live of what I love. Do my art and craft also for a living I do not want to sell my things, but I like to work in groups, teach others what I have learned and set goals for myself and the groups I am working with. I would like to be more involved in giving workshops (here also comes my love for traveling in...;-) ), get more things published and work on Design Teams. Up to now, I made some baby steps in the right direction, but I hope there will be more in the future. There its out!!! Hope it will do me good!

Thank you for this interview I really enjoyed it!!

And here is the"official part":

If YOU like to take part in this interview meme:

1. Leave a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. Beware, I’m not shy of asking personal questions! Please make sure I have your email address.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Have a great week!!!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

20 countries - new Layout

.....layout I made for Ali Edwards 20 challenge.
Journaling reads:

"There are ( at least!) 20 countries, I need to travel to: USA, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Marroco, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Tailand, China, Nepal, Peru, Kenia, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Malasia, South Africa,Tunis, Malta..... okay, there are still some more, but these are the first!"

I know its NOT 20 squares, and I have only writen about countries I have not yet been to...just in case anyone was wondering...;-)

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Friday, June 15, 2007

...toooo hot!!!

Its been really hot the last couple of days ( or is it weeks?). I did not feel like doing much after work and getting the kids to all their activities .... and I have been quite exhausted. So I decided to get my studio in order again and make things cleaner, more organized and put away as much of the stuff, I have been working on lately, as I can. It still looks quite "crowded", but I am getting better...;-) I guess its a progress not an action I do once and then am done with...;-)
Started a couple of things that you can not see on the pictures, like putting away tons of printouts, getting my drawers in order and sorting my paper. I have been playing with my camera yesterday, too....was trying to find some shots I do like a lot in our home....we definitly need to declutter !!! We have so much stuff ... there is hardly one spot that is calm and soothing!!! No wonder we are all such explosive characters!! I need to think about that some more and make time to get our place in order again!! However I did find some spots, that I really do like:
Have a great weekend!!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

mail surprises and sneak revealed!

On Saturday and Monday I had some lovely mail surprises in my mail box: Hagit´s RAK arrived on Saturday and she was oh so generous!! All the papers and bits on pieces on the right are from her!!! And she did send me some very cool stuff!!
Yesterday I had a lovely letter from sweet Brigitte from Canada. We had traded some ATCs, but she also send a wonderful envy and some rub ons from paperWERX. I have been in love with their stuff since I have first seen it, but it is not so easy to come by, since the shiping is just horrendous!!

And here is another layout I had made some time back. I had made it for the Hambly Guest DT Challenge and now the gallery is up. Dina won the challenge and, since I am admiring her work a lot, I can only follow that desicion...;-) Congratulations to you, Dina!!!
And I am not surprised to find familiar names under the favourites and in the gallery too!!! LOL...seams we are a ll a big family!!

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Monday, June 11, 2007 real weekend is aweful, if your family live is split by work even on the weekends! I had to work on Saturday and my DH on Sunday, so we did not have a real weekend this week. Besides it is so hot in Berlin at the moment you dont want to do anything ...just melt!
I finished my FM entries and since I do not want to make my blog a writen only thing I have two tiny sneaks for you...;-))) Wish everyone ( including myself) luck with their entries!
Hope you have a good week!!!

EDIT: Today is my day!!! Look what I just found out!!! I won a RAK on Gloria Froeses Blog!

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Friday, June 08, 2007

....bathing in Frances Meyer

...I got my finalist pack on Monday ...and I can only say they did pack great things in my pack of goodies!!! I have bben working on my entries every day or rather night since the pack arrived and sometimes I do not know anymore : is it great what I do or is it aweful??? Do you know that feeling?? You are so much into something, that you can not see it anymore??? Normally that would be a good time to relaxe, do something else and come back to it when you do have some distance to it again, but I feel I am running out of time if I do......So I am ducking into more work...;-)

I am working on some new stamps for the shop right now...dont know when they will actually be ready to be sold, but I will let you know....and maybe have another RAK. Did not have a RAK on the blog for ages!!!

Another thing on my mind right now is workshops ..... no not taking part in....teaching! I have not given any for a while, but I defintly would like to do that much more!!! I love teaching, and it is soo cool to work together with others and the teacher does get at least as many new inputs as the students!!! I am working on some new online- workshops, but I defintly would like to do more real live WS!

Today is also important for me as a mother: since we found out our daughter is dyslecic I have been through a lot of highs and lows and have been digging into it. I found out a lout of things I had no idea baout and unfortunately realixed German School system sucks....yeah right, I knew that before, but I got another proof for it! There is no such thing as special training IN school for kids with dyslexia.... well they dont say it like this, but thats what it really comes done to! And I am just realy pissed off about that!! ( Sorry if my language gets quite strong here, but I get very emotional about this!). Anyway...we started looking for alternatives and today we will have a get-to-know meeting at a Waldorf school, that is not too far away. This could be a solution for a couple of problems, but I am still not sure about it. It would be ideal for my daughters artistic talents and it would take some of the pressure away from her. The class has much smaller classes, so the teacher will have more time for my DD and it will me not as noisy as it is for her now, and that will help her to concentrate better on things. We will have to get some professional trainig for her outside of school and so it would be good to have a relaxed day at school, so it will not bee too much of everything. She does get logopedic training right now, but that is only a start! She, of course !, does not want to go to another school at at, she wants to stay with her friends and all. So today will be important for us!

......long post , no picture...will give you some more eye candy soon ;-)))

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

...published in Print!!!

Today I got my copy of the new issue of the Scrap-Art-Zine!!!!! I knew there would be two of my layouts in it, but it is still different to hold it in your own hands ;-)) It is really good and if you want a copy you better hurry up, it sells out quickly!!!

Here are the pages with my layouts on them:

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Monday, June 04, 2007

FM Goodies and new Layout

Last night I finished this layout about my sweet daughter and her best friend....they are just sooo great together. They are like living in their own very speciall world.

I got my Frances Meyer Goodies pack today. Lot of fun stuff and I have some good ideas already what to do with them...;-) 10 more days to go.... Lilian, Kimmy and Nadine are also working on their submission for the Design Team .....Hope we all have good inspirations and luck with our entries!!! Have a good week.....!!!

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sundays are good for hunting...;-)) inspirations and wonderful things on fleamarkets that is!! I was sooooo tiered today after all the partying yesterday!!! I am just not in the age fro staying up until three in the morning any more....!!! But sometimes good things come from being tierd too!!!
After breakfast the boys NEEDED to play on the computer and I was really pissed off with all that noise their game was making, so I decieded to go the local fleamarket!!! And I find some wonderful things!!! Some old stamps, a wooden stamp, a stamp holder, some great sewing notions, an old exercise book and on with lovely flower pictures in it and some vintage place cards....good hunt!!!

Tonight I hope we will have a nice relaxing evening, one of the boys has to cook tonight ( we take turns for sunday cooking in our family, and I am off tonight...;-) and we will play some board games and later I will cuddle up with my DH and watch a movie.....ahhh I love relaxing Sundays!!

EDIT: Since some of you have been asking about this, I will give you some more details about the flea markets: I do mostly go to flea markets in Berlin....there are at least 15 different ones. I like to go to the smaller, non touristy ones ... they are cheaper and I am more likely to find things I like. I do like to go to the fleamarkets just around were I live. But I am a hunter.... so whenever I get the chance to be somewhere else, I look for things...;-) I also like to go to libray sales and I had some great discoveries there, too. When I travel I keep looking for good finds as well. I think with the years, I got better at finding go things, too!!! Wish you all luck with your hunts for cool things!!

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Friday, June 01, 2007

...keep your fingers crossed!!!

...I dont know what it was, that made me check my mails VERY late last night, but it was totaly worth it!!!I got a mail from Frances Meyer !!! This is how the mail started:


You have been chosen as a finalist in the Frances Meyer Design Team contest! Within the next week you should receive a package containing Frances Meyer product to create your next projects. This last round of ......"

my jaws just tropped!! I am still in a state of shock..... but it is true: I have been chosen to be one of the 20 finalists, of which 10 will be chossen to join the FM Design Team!!!!

They already send me a FedEx code, so I can check were my pack of goodies is and I can hardly wait!!! I hope it will get here quick, a) because I am curious as hell what will be in int and b9 because I have to get my projects ready very quickly once it gets here!!!

Please keep your fingers crosses, that I will be able to make great projects to hand in!!! ;-))

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