Thursday, May 31, 2007

...meeting old friends..;-)

Today I just have a couple of pictures from our super weekend for you!!! I am still trying to get back to normal and the next weekend is just around the corner, with more parties and meeting more friends and a big fare well party!!! Live moves so fast right now.....wohhhhh!!!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

one door closes, one opens...;-)

Another layout I had shown you only as a sneak peak... now here it is:
"Today I love those three". I had made it for another Design Team Call ( no....didn´t get in this one either, but I will keep on trying! I know one day my time will come!).
I also had a very uplifting mail yesterday. Cant tell you more right now, nothing definit at the moment, but it sounds good to me.....

Edited: that was a short peak!!! I had to remove this layout again: for publication....;-)

Oh and there are two things you got to see: Limetart opened a new blog!!! You got to see it!!! I love this Australian Kit Shop and Forum. Unfortunately it´s so far away!!! But When I am going to visit my brother down under I will make sure I can get so some of those fabulous Australian Shops!!! ;-)

Another Challange that is really worth to check out is Kal´s Challenge: 1+1+1!!!
I started working on myine, but I am not far enough to show anything, but will do so soon!!!
Go and check it out!!!!

I have to pack my stuff now, we will be away for the weekend: a weekend of party time for the whole family and meeting tons of old friend...yeahhhh!!!! Colone we come!!!!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Have you seen this:
I know it is a bit small to see, but go to the link and you will see, that I am on Scrapscene!!! And what is even more I am mentioned in the same article with Donna Downey!!! I just can ask you: How cool is that??? I am completly blown away with it!!!

Isnt it unbelievable how you can be so low on one day and then be completly high on the next, just because one simple note on the net...;-)

Here is a new layout I just finished yesterday: ( details are on my flicker pages)

And I also had to add a picture of my new love! My new wasching mashine!!
Our wasching mashine broke last month and we had to get a new one!!! I knew the old one was not going to live very long anymore, but we had a hard time chosing a new one: we wanted one that is ecological correct!!! And thats not so easy !! But now we found one and after washing with this new baby, I only know how bad the old one was!!! This one washes like a dream and toumbles soooo much better!! The wasching is dry in one day!!! I love it!!!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sneak Peak 1 revealed... I can show you the full pictures of one of the sneak peaks......I had made this altered object for a Design Team Challenge. It´s called "Archeology of the Soul".

And no I did not get in....I am quite sad about this one, because I was soo hoping for it to happen.... but it just did not...;-((

What really gets to me is that I never know, WHY I do not get its kind of hard to figure out what I could make better the next time. I mean I know it has been a hard competition and the ones who got in are sure one talented bunch...but still ther is this lill´sting bothering me... ah is just not my day...

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Friday, May 18, 2007


Originally uploaded by Anke - Anart Island Studios.
This layout is about my dad. I used mainly orange, white and shades of brown.

I picked up the stripes, that are in the photos as my design guide for this layout.

The funny thing about the pictures is that my dad is a truck driver and on the left picture, he is standing in front of that coach as if he was the driver ( he´s not) AND his jacket has the same stripes as the coach!!! When we saw this picture we just found it very funny!!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

....and now to something completely different

...I am in a crazy mood at the moment. may is just a crazy month anyhow! There are so many holidays and nothing like a routine. not that I especially like routines, but I seam to be feeling better, get much more done and are more relaxed. But this is not working in may!!The kids are off school a lot, many family activities and not much creative work getting done.
I did finish a buch of ATCs.... seams like a long time since I made any....;-)

Ohhh and yesterday has one of these days that just make me crazy. neary everything went I was absolutly delitgted to see on sweet Hagits blog that I won her RAK!!! I still can hardly belive it! I am one of these people how don´t win things...but maybe I have to edit that now: I am one of these people who used not to win!!! ;-)
And one of my layouts is to be seen on the How dare you #22! That is great, too!!

I seam to be gettimg out of my invisiblility! Finaly!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Aye....another sneak!!!

...more secrets...;-)) Hope I will be able to show you some more things soonish!!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

...secret worker..;-) I have another sneak peak for you! I am working a lot right now, but I can not show you much. Hope you like it anyway! i know I am not giving away much, but I think I am a bit superstitious about that. Keep your fingers crossed and you soon will see more of my work...;-)

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Monday, May 07, 2007

....sneak peaks...;-)

...hope you all had a great NSD...!!!Mine was full of work and hardly any time to join into any fun!! And on Sunday I needed to relax soo badly and take some family time!!! So Today another week to get going angain...;-) Cant show you what I am working on right now, but I will show you some sneak peaks.....wish you all a good week!

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Friday, May 04, 2007

.....time flies by....´s been ages again since I blogged last. I do know what happened, but right now I am just complettly stressed out. I think its just one of these times when nothing fitts... I dont feel like writing much,too

But I have some pictures for you from a family trip we did on 1st of May. We went to the Main Station, were they put up a huge dinosaur sceleton:
Did you know there is a beach right in the center of Berlin??? Me neither, but I discovered it:
I did a bit of art work, not as much as I wanted ... but it´s a start: I did not find the right way of storing or diplaying one of my layouts. Cant show the actuall layout,´cause I had to takje it out of my galieries,( it´s going to be published!)But I can show you the frame I made for it...;-)
Tomorrow is national scrapbook day and even here in scrapbook desert there are some things happening, or online, but I will not be able to join anything, cause I have to work in the shop...;-((( Have a great weekend!!! Take care!
BTW: does anyone know where you can get decal paper, that you can print on yourself ( with an ink jet preferably)???

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