Wednesday, November 29, 2006

new Work - neue Arbeiten

...ich war mal wieder fleißig und habe noch einige Schmuckstücke fertig gestellt. Am Sonntag ist der erste ( von zwei) Weihnachtsmärkten und ich muß mich langsam sputen!

I have been very busy lately and finished some more of my jewelry. On Sunday will be the first ( of two) markets, I take part in and its high time to hurry up now!

Ich freue mich riesig, das Daniela eins meir Scrap Layouts als Layout des Tages vorgestellt hat...Vielen Dank dafür!

I am very happy, that Daniela has chosen one of my scrap layouts to be Layout of the day...Thank you Daniela!

In letzter Zeit hab ich mir einige Gedanken zu dieser Zeit gemacht:
auf vielen Blogs sind wunderbare Bilder, tolle Weihnachts-Bastel und Deko Ideen, glückliche Kinder und fröhliche Familien zu sehen: wie schafft Ihr das alle???? Es ist mir ein völliges Rätsel!
Bei mir ist das Licht schon um drei weg und die Fotos werden nur noch dunkel, ich komme überhaupt nicht zum entspannten Basteln oder Dekorieren, meine Kinder sind super aufgedreht und anstrengend ( zur Zeit jedenfalls) und zu fröhlichen Fanilienstunden kommen wir fast gar nicht......wie kommt das blos???

I had a couple of thoughts about this time of the year: on many blogs there are wonderful pictures, super X-mas craft ideas and Holiday decorations, happy family gatherings and more: how do you all do this??? This is a complett mistery to me!
Light is gone around three here and my pictures are all to dark, no time for lesurely crafting ( with or without kids) or decorating, my kids are super hyper and very tiering for me ( right now anyway) and happy faliy gatherings are not heared off....what is going wrong????

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Autum Color Swap and Spanish news...;-))))

yesterday was a great day for me, and the icing on the cake was that Megan´s huge Autumn Color swap package arrived!!! I could not belive the amount of wonderful things she had put into the package!!! Thank you so much, Megan!!!

Apart from this my puplishers sent me a mail, to ask me for some information about my person: the reason for this is that a Spanish publisher wants to buy the licence for my book!!! So hopefully the can agree on a contract and then my book will be published in Spanish, too!!! How cool is that??? I am so exited about this and hope it will really happen!!!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You think you know me : Curious I finsihed one more page for me "You think you know me" book. I had a long time to think about it and was not able to actually sit down and work on it. I tried to make everyone curious about the inside, and wanting to open it the person looking at it will be just as curious as I am...LOL...hope it works..;-)

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


my spread in Shaktis Cultural Book: " LOTR".

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

bowl stamp - working with processes

I made prints while carving this stamp. Right now I am very much into working with processes. The picture is inspired by the illustrations in the book Everyday Sacred: A Woman's Journey Home, which I just read.
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Finished U.F.O.s....;-)

This weekend I was not feeling very well, but I still managed to get some U.F.O.s ( for unfinished objects) finished:

...first of all my son Gryffindor scarf!!! It has been lying around since his birthday in April!! But now it is getting cold again and it was hight time to get it done!! It does not look as long as it really is, I made it very wide, but it is over 1,60 m!!!:

This one is not really as UFO, but I needed these new canes do finish some UFOs. The weaving cane is for a little match box amulett I have started, I do not even remember when. And so is the little flower cane. It will be an Asian inspired amulett necklace, when I have done the rest , too!! And I also wanted to have my own initial in a cane for a very long they are finally!!!

...the last ( but not least) project is another polymer clay book cover. The book is a present for my mother in law. She is a writer and so a new note book is allways welcome...;-) I hope she likes this one. Next weekend we will go to her big party!!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Arty meme - Douple Pack...;-)

I have signed in for this one on Jill´s and Maz's blog, so I guess I have to do a douple round now...;-) And here is my arty meme:

The first 5 people to respond to this post, via the comments section, will receive some form of art made by my own fair hands. No guarantees as to what this will be, or when I will deliver, but I will do my very best :)

( Remebre I do a douple round, so it will be the first 10!!! I just did not whant to pass it on with 10 so I leavt the original...;-) )

Same as always applies...if you sign up for this, you have to put the meme on your journal too :)

Happy arting everyone.
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My work first week of November 2006

....this is what I have done the last couple of preparation of the Aventsmarket I will take part at...;-))
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

You think you know me: Angry

This is another moodin my you think you know me scrpbook: Angry
It is part of shimelle´s wonderful workshop: " You think you know me"
The Pumpkins we carved this year for halloween.
Some of my tools, covered with polymer clay and finally some things I found at the fleamarket on the weekend. The wooden sorting box will come in very handy for my next bigger project: the Christmas market, that will be held on 10th Dezember , that I will be selling some of my jewelry at.
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